Scott loves and respects boats and shares that knowledge and passion with his customers.  He places his customer’s interests above his own and is fully transparent in conducting the buying and selling process.  In our search for a 32-40 foot motor boat we traveled up and down the east coast several times.  We found one boat, which initially seemed extremely promising, at a remote marina in southern Virginia .  After Scott’s extra efforts in obtaining references for the services of a first rate surveyor and engine mechanic we found too many hidden problems and prudently rejected it.   It is just as important to know what boat not to buy as it is to know what boat to buy.  Many travels later we found a sweet Hunt 33 Surfrider and this time our due diligence resulted in a smooth purchase.   Scott now is the broker for my Bristol 45.5, for which he has spent many hours photographing, making berthing arrangements, and characteristically, putting together a compelling listing.